Equipment from the company Teplodar

Since 1997, Teplodar has been manufacturing heating equipment, and after 3 years our products have become well recognized in the market. This was made possible thanks to a flexible pricing policy, streamlined production processes and proven partners of the company.

To date, our product range is represented by more than 20 basic models that have over 100 different modifications of furnaces, as well as other heating equipment.

The advantages of equipment

Long service life is achieved using high quality materials.

High efficiency and work efficiency due to some of their design features - the company's own patented developments. Today, the company "Teplodar" has patented more than 10 different inventions and improvements.

Innovative approach to the improvement of its own products - this work is carried out continuously and very carefully.

Excellent ergonomics and current product design allow our stoves and fireplaces to become an integral part of various interiors.

Various certificates confirm the quality of our heating equipment.