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Water heaters (boilers)

Water electric and combined heaters (boilers)

A water heater, or boiler, is a good way to obtain the main hot water, as well as for maintenance from heat pumps or a gas boiler.

Possibility to choose a boiler from 10L to 500L large water tank volume.

Our company "SM Global" offers high-quality water heaters (boilers) made in Bulgaria

You can choose a water heater based on the following advantages:

High-quality enamel coating that ensures a long service life.

Very effective PU insulation for 50mm heat resistance.

Effective water anode protection against corrosion.

It is possible to install an electric heating element, a thermoregulator as well as a thermal sensor.

Floor water heaters are suitable for heat pumps or gas boilers.

Water heaters of the ModЕco Ceramic and BiLight series are an alternative solution, for example, to the use of solar heat collectors, gas and solid fuel boilers.

Water heaters (boilers)

Water heaters (boilers)

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