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Solid fuel boilers

SM Global manufactures and sells solid fuel boilers for heating houses and any other premises

Solid fuel boilers operate on various types of fuel: coal, firewood, wood pellets. If necessary, a solid fuel boiler can be equipped with a pellet burner

Solid fuel boilers "SM Global" are presented in the following range:

"Termol" 16-42kw - universal single-circuit boilers with increased burning time on one firewood tab up to 8 hours of continuous operation. The increased operating time is achieved thanks to the water-tube grate, as well as the air flow to the combustion torch through an additional sash. Termol boilers can be additionally equipped with a combustion regulator. All modifications of Termol boilers can be equipped with a branded pellet burner, the installation of which does not require plumbing and welding. Automation of the heating system with a pellet burner is possible for all Termol boilers.

When designing heating systems in a country house, a number of parameters must be taken into account:

> the area of the heated room,

> type of fuel,

>additional heat consumers in the heating system,

>quality of home insulation,

>possibility of autonomous operation and use as a backup source of heat,

> the required duration of work on one tab of fuel.

The calculation of the design of the heating system, in which the boiler is the most important node, and therefore the selection of the boiler power, must be carried out by employees from a specialized company for boiler equipment.

Solid fuel boilers

Solid fuel boilers


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