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Chimney diameter, mm

Chimney diameter, mm

Boilers with pellet burner

Pellet boilers "Teplodar" work on special compressed wood pellets (pellets).

The price of solid fuel pellet boilers is higher than wood and coal, this is due to the automation of the heating system.

Advantages of pellet heating boilers:

> Ecological safety and simplicity of fuel storage,

> Does not require frequent maintenance (2-3 times a week),

> Easy operation: installation and configuration do not require special knowledge and skills

> The possibility of programming modes and power of work from 30% to 100%,

> The average lifetime is 10 years.

Boilers for “Teplodar” pellets (Kupper, Kupper PRO, and Comfort models) are equipped with a branded automatic pellet burner, which also includes a bunker for filling pellets.

Characteristics of solid fuel boilers Kupper with a pellet burner:

> Suitable for the organization of heating areas up to 250 sq.m.

> The volume of the bunker is 200 liters, the bulk density is about 140 kg,

> Service 2-3 times a week (filling of pellets, removal of ash), Low power consumption: 60 W in operation mode, 560 W during ignition.

If necessary, an automatic pellet burner can be purchased separately and installed on any solid fuel boiler “Teplodar” of the Kupper or Uyut models, as well as on the Kupper PRO 22.

Boilers with pellet burner

Boilers with pellet burner


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