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Volume of the room (up to) m3

Volume of the room (up to) m3

Heating stoves

Heating Stoves for home and garden

Heating stoves for home and garden "Teplodar" are excellent for heating rooms of various sizes - from 50 to 300 cubic meters. Thanks to this diversity, it is easy to choose a wood stove for heating a large country house, a summer house, a compact garage, a veranda, a warehouse, etc., from the entire range presented.

Distinctive advantages of heating wood-burning stoves for home and garden "Teplodar":

The possibility of accurate target selection of the stoves for heating at the place of use (garage, house, cottage).

The high efficiency of heating stoves for heating helps to save on fuel while obtaining stable and high-quality heat.

Metal stoves for wood with a hob allow you to expand the functionality of the equipment and save space in small rooms (garages, verandas, tents);

The special design of some models with the afterburner system allows the stoves to operate in the long burning mode and maintain heat for up to 8 hours on one tab of firewood.

The panoramic door in some models allows you to use the stove also as a fireplace, watching the living flame of the firebox.

The metal casing-convector protects against the spread of hard heat radiation, and self-cooling doors protect against burns, making Teplodar heating and cooking stoves more secure.

Firewood is an economical and environmentally friendly type of fuel, its use does not present any particular difficulties and is therefore appreciated by users of heating stoves for home and cottage.

Compact dimensions make it easy to dismantle and transport stoves.

Heating stoves

Heating stoves


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