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Water tanks for sauna

There are several options for solving the problem of hot water in the bath:

Installation of a samovar type water tank. The water heats up quickly, usually in an hour, which is convenient for those who just need to wash in the sauna. But if you stoke the furnace in an intensive mode for a long time, the water in such a tank may boil and in the steam room it will be uncomfortable due to heavy, wet steam. You can fight this by occasionally adding cold water to the tank.

For stoves with a chimney offset to the front wall, such as Siberia, Siberian cliff, as well as a new line of Laguna stoves, a new 70-liter water tank has appeared. The axis of the chimney is shifted to 310 mm.

In a remote tank, the water heats up a little longer, depending on the capacity of the tank for 1.5-2 hours. The tank is connected by metal pipes to the register-heat exchanger installed on the furnace.

Registers are of two types:

• Built-in (model of sauna stoves with the index "P" in the name).

• Universal (installed at the exit of the chimney of a bath stove).

Water, heating up (in the first case, from a hot furnace, and in the second, from hot flue gases), circulates freely in a closed tank register system.

When choosing a tank capacity, you can use a simple calculation: 8-10 liters per person and 8-10 liters for steaming a broom.

Water tanks for sauna

Water tanks for sauna


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