Accumulation tanks

When selecting a heating boiler for solid fuel, it is worth remembering that a modern heating system assembled by a beam scheme with collector control and distribution units is most often assembled from plastic pipes, and they are very sensitive to overheating of the heat carrier and do not withstand water hammer heat carrier in the boiler. Therefore, to balance the low-volume heating system and the solid fuel boiler, a node balancing the system is necessary.

Best of all, this task is solved by a accumulation tanks - a special container of a certain volume through which the coolant circulates from the boiler and the coolant from the heating system.

Accumulation tanks is selected at the rate of at least 10 liters of capacity per 1 kW of boiler power.

Accumulation tanks makes it possible to coordinate a multi-circuit heating system, including radiators, underfloor heating and a boiler for the production of hot water.

Accumulation tanks

Accumulation tanks


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