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    <p>Oval tubs are ideal for small spaces. High-quality wooden barrels will delight all lovers of the steam room!</p> <p>The catalog contains a huge variety of models - everyone can choose according to their taste and budget. Products are made of larch, oak or cedar of the highest grades. Designs are environmentally friendly, excellent strength and durability, as well as therapeutic effect when swimming in slightly infused water.</p> <p>Many buyers opt for an oval-shaped font due to a number of advantages:</p> <p>Compactness. Takes up less space than a round barrel.</p> <p>Comfort. It easily fits two people with any height and physique.</p> <p>Ease of transportation. Due to its optimal size, such a font will freely pass through a standard doorway.</p> <p>Universality. Models in the form of an oval can be used not only inside the sauna, but also installed on the street.</p> <p>Unlike plastic specimens, wooden products have a healing effect on the body. Made using proven cooper technologies using modern tools and a polyurethane coating for water resistance, oval fonts retain all the useful qualities of natural wood for years to come! For stability and reliability, the outer walls are encircled by stainless steel metal bands.</p>
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