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Electric Sauna Heaters

Electric ovens for baths and saunas are an excellent alternative to traditional appliances that run on wood and natural gas.

In devices of this type, special heating elements (heating elements) are provided. Unlike wood and gas counterparts, electric ovens instantly warm up the air and maintain a comfortable and stable temperature. In addition, electric mini ovens are perfect for setting up a sauna in an apartment. They are very easy to use, and in terms of efficiency they are significantly superior to wood-burning models.

Advantages of electric heaters

An electric stove for a 220V bathhouse allows you to equip a full-fledged sauna not only in a country cottage, but in an ordinary apartment in a city high-rise building. Compared to analogs, the presence of a detached building is not a prerequisite for the installation of such a device.

The list of other operational and technical advantages of this type of sauna stoves are:

  • ease of installation - the electric heater does not need to lay a foundation, arrange a chimney and comply with a huge number of fire safety measures;
  • ease of use - connect the stove to the mains and use it to your health;
  • ergonomics - electric heaters are the optimal solution for small rooms, and, in addition, they can be installed at the door, so you can plan the location of the shelves as you like;
  • the presence of additional options - a built-in steam generator, the ability to control from a smartphone, several operating modes - this is not a complete list of functions of the latest models of such stoves;
  • safety - during the operation of such a furnace there is no open fire and smoke, in an emergency it is instantly turned off by pulling the plug from the socket;
  • economy due to low energy consumption - with regular use, such a stove will come out several times cheaper compared to wood and gas counterparts;
  • a record speed of heating the room - a wood-burning stove will heat a medium-sized bath in a few hours, while an electric sauna heater will need some 40-50 minutes to heat a sauna;
  • hygiene - firewood and other types of solid fuels inevitably clog the room, not to mention combustion products that need to be constantly cleaned out of an ordinary stove;
  • autonomy - turn on the device, set the necessary parameters, wait until the room warms up, and enjoy the bath procedures, without thinking that it is time to throw firewood.

Principle of operation and types

The electric sauna heater is controlled by a unit outside the steam room, a remote control or a smartphone.

The design of such devices is very simple and includes:

metal or cast iron body;

niche for stones;

several heating elements at the bottom of the niche.

Electric Sauna Heaters

Electric Sauna Heaters


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