Interior doors

The trademark ALBERO was established in Russia on the production facility of the interior door factory «Fregat» in 2012. Our experience in the production of interior doors is more than 18 years.

It is due to the focus on the production of interior doors and accessories to them we have been able to achieve perfect results in the quality of products and intensive development of the company as a whole.

All the factory divisions are comprised of professionals. Besides, the special pride of our company is manufacturing.

The manufacturing process includes a full cycle of production: from the development of a new model, incoming quality control of materials to the manufacture of a finished door and final quality control at the packaging stage.

The green ALBERO logo can be found throughout Russia: from the Far East to the southern regions, as well as in the former CIS countries and far abroad countries.

For our partners ALBERO always means reliable cooperation, wide assortment, high quality of products and individual approach; and for the end-user, products of our factory mean assurance in acquiring sustainable and beautiful doors for years to come.


Interior doors

Interior doors


  • Аlliance collection (CPL)
    <p>Alliance is modern style doors. The combination of reliability of construction with a wide palette of decors allows the product to harmoniously fit into any interior.</p> <p>Exclusive CPL coating with 3D TouchLine effect and reinforced varnish was produced in Germany specially for our company.</p> <p>The 3D embossed woodcut pattern creates the feeling of touching natural wood.</p> <p><iframe width="100%" height="664" style="background-image:url(&quot;img/object.gif&quot;);" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>
  • Trend Doors collection...
    <p>Trend-Doors collection - environmentally friendly coating, modern design and affordable price. Trend-Doors products are made using full gluing technology.</p> <p>A different feature is the use of a new coating EcoTex (EcoTex) - a multi-layer binder on a natural basis (cellulose, resin).</p>
  • Gallery collection...
    <p>The Gallery collection stands out for its classic design, '' Vinyl '' coating type and diamond engraved glasses.</p> <p><iframe width="100%" height="664" style="background-image:url(&quot;img/object.gif&quot;);" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe></p>

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