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Heating boiler Kupper PRO 22 with pellet burner 26 Comfort
  • Heating boiler Kupper PRO 22 with pellet burner 26 Comfort

Heating boiler Kupper PRO 22 with pellet burner 26 Comfort

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The burner is designed to maintain a given temperature of the coolant in the heating system or a given temperature in the room due to the combustion burning wood pellets.

The burner is designed for installation on the boilers of the Kupper OK, Kupper PRO, Kupper Carbo, Kupper Expert of Teplodar production.

The burner provides automatic dosed fuel supply from the bunker to the burner, its ignition and combustion control.

The control panel of the burner allows automatic ignition of the fuel, continuous monitoring and adjustment of all parameters that affect the maintenance of the set temperature of the coolant in the boiler circuit, heating system, in the room and weather-dependent adjustment of the coolant temperature.

The burner can be controlled using the control panel or by using additional equipment not included in the scope of delivery.

Additional equipment available in the assortment of the company:

• ecoSTER TOUCH (indoor panel with a liquid crystal display);

• ecoSTER 200 (room panel with graphic display);

• ecoNET 300 (Internet module);

• Module B for ECOMAX (increases the number of monitored circuits);

• CT6-P (street temperature sensor);

• CT4 (temperature sensor).

The burner automation, in addition to regulating the intensity of combustion and regular shutdown with burning the fuel in the burner, also helps prevent accidents arising from:

• emergency power outage,

• mash of pellets in the tray,

• occurrence of reverse thrust,

• overheating of the heating medium coolant.


Kupper PRO manual

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Pellet burner Comfort manual

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