Heating boiler Kupper PRO 22 with APG25* pellet burner

VAT included

Heating boiler with a pellet burner for rooms up to 220 sq.m. Capacity 35 liters. Built-in electric heater 6 kW.



Features and benefits:

Universal boilers "Kupper PRO" with a pellet burner is the optimal solution to automate the heating system in case of impossibility of connection to the gas mains.

The boiler for heating the garage of the 22 kW modification “Kupper PRO 22 with the APG 25 pellet burner is designed to work in space heating systems up to 220 m² including houses and cottages.

Automatic pellet burner (APG) is mounted instead of the ash door of the boiler. A pellet bunker with auger feeding fuel and an integrated control panel is installed directly on the boiler.

The desired heating parameters are set on the APG 25 remote control before the device starts operation.

Features of the boiler "Kupper PRO 22 with APG25 pellet burner":

• Efficient heat removal due to the developed surface area of ​​the water jacket, supplemented by a multi-row water tube heat exchanger.

• The pellet burner is mounted on the bottom of the ash door.

• The bunker is installed on the boiler to save space in the boiler room.

• The automatic remote controls the ignition process, burning and maintains the balance of the coolant temperature.

• Partial ash removal takes place using the built-in high-power fan.

• 6 kW electric heater included.

• The boiler is easily converted to solid fuel.

ATTENTION! Chimney elements and thermostat are not included in the boiler kit and must be purchased separately.

* The boiler and the pellet burner are not a kit, they are sold separately.

Data sheet

Area of the room (up to), m2
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Volume of firebox, l
Total power of the TEH block
Yes, 6kw
Boiler steel


Manual APG25

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Kupper PRO manual

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