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Water heater ModEco Ceramic 150 S with dry heating element and heat exchanger

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The electric water heaters of the ModЕco Ceramic range with inbuilt heat exchanger /serpentine/ are a highly efficient solution for utilization of alternative sources of heat energy such as solar thermal collectors, gas-burning and solid fuel boilers.

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The patented structure of the inlet water nozzle creates a PISTON Effect ensuring up to 15% more hot water. Due to its innovative design the nozzle slows down the mixing of the incoming cold water and the water already heated in the appliance through leveling the pressures in the mixing area. The specific umbrella shape keeps the hot water "unapproachable".

State of the art Plasma welding method used for the production of the water tanks. Stable and higher grade welding process

based on lower welding temperature with no using of extra materials. Computerized control assuring high quality.

Up to 16% lower energy losses due to the lack of a thermal bridge between the water tank and the mounting bracket.

Indirect ceramic heating element with a large exchange surface and a extremely low heat load per protecting the water heater from aggressive lime scale deposition. The heating element is installed in a glass-ceramic coated steel sleeve, preserved from direct contact with the water. The ceramic heating technology ensures long lifetime of the electric water heater also in regions with hard and mineralised water.

The ECO Smart operating mode, thanks to the specially developed and integrated software, reduces the electricity costs without limitation to the amount of hot water or the user’s comfort. How is this possible? The software integrated into the electronic control, similarly to an artificial intelligence, independently tracks and memorizes the habits of users creating a time schedule and managing the appliance’s operation in such a way that would provide hot household water exactly when it’s needed. The incorporated algorithm lets you make quick changes to the time schedule or even take the odd unplanned shower. The ECO SMART mode also allows manual interference and one-off heating up to the maximal temperature, with no change to the established operating schedule (BOOST function).

The TESY electric water heaters have a Hygienic Certification for storage of potable water, in accordance with European Directive 98/83 EU.

The products preserve the chemical, physical and biological quality of the potable water. keeping it pure and healthy.

A modern technology for precise application of glass-ceramic coating on the water tank that guarantees reliable corrosion protection and a high degree of purity of the water, with no change to its physical, chemical and biological composition. The glass-ceramic coating ensures extended useful life and trouble-free operation of the water heater.

The capillary thermostat is a high-class component for the most precise regulation of the hot-water temperature providing high reliability of the working process of the water heaters. A special sensor of the capillary thermostat, fitted higher in the water heater tank controls the temperature, thus the precise control, safety and user satisfaction are achieved.

GCV11SO 15047 24D C21 TS2RCP

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