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Water heater BiLight 120 SE with a classic heat exchanger

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The electric water heaters of the BiLight Vertical series with inbuilt high-efficiency heat exchanger /extra power serpentine/ are a smart solution for connecting the appliance to a central heating or other similar system. It allows the utilization of alternative  sources of heat energy such as solar systems, wood pellet or gas burners, etc.

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INSUTECH is a specially devised technology for highly-efficient insulation. It also incorporates a unique solution for eliminating the thermostat between the water tank and the on-wall mounting bracket, which reduces energy losses by 16%. INSUTECH is a precise technology for uniform distribution of high-density polyurethane insulation based on an environmental-friendly CFC and HCFC free PU formula. As a result, the hot water is prevented from cooling for a long period until the time of its actual use. The technology’s unique advantages are based on: 

  • The innovative design of the product;    
  • Precise parallel alignment of the inside water tank and the external casing for achieving equal thickness of the insulation in all areas;
  • Infrared heating of the inside water tank and the external casing up to a temperature ensuring high density and uniform distribution of the insulation;   

The patented structure of the inlet water nozzle creates a PISTON Effect ensuring up to 15% more hot water. Due to its innovative design the nozzle slows down the mixing of the incoming cold water and the water already heated in the appliance through leveling the pressures in the mixing area. The specific umbrella shape keeps the hot water "unapproachable".

State of the art Plasma welding method used for the production of the water tanks. Stable and higher grade welding process

based on lower welding temperature with no using of extra materials. Computerized control assuring high quality.

Up to 16% lower energy losses due to the lack of a thermal bridge between the water tank and the mounting bracket.

Two modes of operation visualized by changing light colours: red ligh - Heating mode, blue light - Ready-to-use.

Crystal Tech is the new enamel coating of the water reservoirs for all TESY water heaters. Its application leads to a technologically higher level of precision and improves the evenness of distribution along the whole body, while providing better adhesion to metal and thereby ensuring improved reliability of the water heater. The coating also boasts a higher level of titanium contents, which ensured additional strength. Crystal Tech also offers improved gloss which leads to improved wear resistance, regardless of the nature of water, whether it be soft or hard. It provides reliable corrosion protection and trouble-free operation of the water heater, regardless of water quality.

The TESY electric water heaters have a Hygienic Certification for storage of potable water, in accordance with European Directive 98/83 EU.

The products preserve the chemical, physical and biological quality of the potable water. keeping it pure and healthy.

GCVS 1204420 B11 TSRCP

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BiLight with a classic heat

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