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Air conditioner Samsung AR35 - AF21 Silver 5,2 kw

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Energy saving

Digital inverter technology saves you money every day. The technology maintains the desired temperature without frequent on/off switching, so there are fewer fluctuations. It also uses strong magnets and a silencer, making it quieter, longer lasting and more energy efficient.

Fast cooling mode

Cool down an entire room quickly and efficiently. Fast cooling mode uses the highest fan speed before settling at a lower speed. As a result, this mode cools or warms rooms much faster compared to normal mode and reaches the desired temperature in the shortest time. Ideal for instant refreshment after the hot outdoor temperature.

HD Filter

Make sure the air you breathe is always clean and fresh. The HD filter is extremely effective at capturing dust, pollutants and allergens such as pollen, mould spores and dander or hair from animals. What's more, the HD filter is washable, allowing you to reuse it after a quick rinse in water.

Good night mode

Wake up refreshed every day! Good Sleep mode automatically controls and fine-tunes the temperature to create the optimal conditions for each sleep phase. So you gain valuable minutes of sleep and wake up fully refreshed. What's more, the mode uses less energy than normal mode.

Automatic swivelling in 2 directions

Create a comfortable environment with an even temperature in every corner. This so-called 2-way auto-swing function automatically controls the direction of the airflow. This distributes the air quickly and evenly in the room. Experience maximum comfort by widely distributing cool or warm air in any direction.

DuraFin Plus

Maintain a pleasantly fresh room temperature for longer. The DuraFin+ is made of corrosion-resistant material to protect the condenser from rusting, ensuring optimal heat exchanger performance.


Data sheet

Area of the room (up to), m2
Working temp. Range for heating
-15~24 ℃
Working temp. Range for cooling
-10~46 ℃

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