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Fireplace insert W8 17,5kw ECO

VAT included
Fireplace insert KAWMET W8 (17.5 kW) EKO is the most powerful convection fireplace from KAWMET, with excellent properties, the highest glass (distance from the bottom of the furnace to the upper glass frame is 620 mm) and excellent price. The heat-resistant plate on the back of the furnace is decorated with a coat of arms with a lion.

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Fireplace insert W8-17.5 kW EKO is a classic premium class furnace, manufactured at the KAWMET plant using modern technology, the furnace is made of EN-GJL-200 class thick cast iron and equipped with outdoor air supply to the combustion chamber, built-in damper for combustion process and smoke By adjusting the air supply and adjusting the air supply through the bottom of the grille door more precisely, opening it to the firewood gives you the optimal amount of air for quick ignition.

Fireplace inserts W8-17.5 kW ECO features:

The furnace is made of high quality cast iron with a minimum wall thickness of 10 mm.

Densely located radiators increase the heat transfer area in the room.

Robax heat-resistant glass with very low thermal expansion can withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C.

The deflector increases the heat efficiency of the furnace by extending the path of the combustion products and increasing the heat removal area.

An additional heat-resistant plate that protects the back from burning through a 20 mm thick decor.

Adjusting the air supply in the oven.

Decorative fence to prevent firewood from falling out.

External air supply in the oven with built-in damper for adjustment (adapter option).


W8 17,5kw ECO

Data sheet

Volume of the room (up to) m3
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Power kW
Screen dimensions, mm
Secondary combustion chamber
Outdoor air supply
provided (optional)



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