Telescopic door frame Vinyl with door trim

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The Gallery collection stands out for its classic design, '' Vinyl '' coating type and diamond engraved glasses.

Vinyl coating:

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Telescopic door molding is a modern doorway design system that includes a door frame, door trim and additional element connected into a groove.

1. The telescopic door frame is a sandwich made of MDF board and plywood. The box design is highly durable and resistant to deformation. The box has a seal that ensures silent door closing and improved performance of noise and heat insulation.

The telescopic door frame with seal: 100x32x2070

2. Telescopic door trim of MDF board. A special connecting element of such a casing ensures its strong connection with the door frame without the use of additional fasteners (it does not need to be nailed).

Telescopic door trim: 36x70x2150

3. The additional element is also made of MDF. Its design provides a "groove" fastening to the door trim and door frame. In case of insufficient width of additional elements relative to the width of the opening, these elements are joined together by means of a connecting strip.

Additional element (purchased separately): 10x100x2070, 10x150x2070, 10x200x2070

The use of telescopic moldings allows not only to reduce the installation time, but also to install the box on an unprepared wall surface, without additional leveling of the wall plane.

1- Box 2 - door trim 3 - additional element