Cast iron Fantastic Grill Vezuviy Ø 1000 Prestige

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Fantastic Grill Vezuviy "Legend" - an innovative Russian multifunctional hearth.

Fantastic Grill Vezuviy "Legend" is a unique design and incredible versatility. The cone-shaped bonfire bowl has a wide, flat rim that can be used as a highly efficient frying surface. The temperature of the hob is controlled by the location of the firewood inside the cone and varies from 250 to 380 degrees. This feature of the hearth allows you to cook several dishes at different temperatures. On an additionally installed grill grill, you can put a cauldron, pot, kettle, Turku and much more.


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CAST IRON FANTASTIC GRILL Vezuviy Ø 1000 round shape, made of heat-resistant cast iron 10 mm thick.

The grill comes with a steel lid and a cast iron Gurman plate consisting of two sectors 10 mm thick. Each sector is divided into two parts due to the molding shape. The part with a smooth base allows you to fry food, as in a conventional frying pan. The part with a ribbed base, like a grill pan, is designed to get a beautiful pattern on finished products.

A small edge along the edge of the stove limits the working space, prevents fat from getting into the fire and igniting it. In the middle of the stove there is a Vesuvius Steak cast-iron grate. This grill is designed for cooking meat and vegetables with a beautiful diagonal pattern. The large heat capacity of cast iron allows you to quickly cook meat, fish, vegetables, mushrooms and other products in various variations on the hearth.

The heated surface easily gives energy to products that are cooked easily and simply.

Complete set:

Cast-iron Fire bowl Fantastic Ø 1000.

Cast-iron hob Gurman Ø1000.

Round cast-iron grate "STEAK" Ø 450mm.

Steel cover.

Stand Prestige.


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Size, mm
Weight, kg
Cast iron 10mm

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