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Heat pump 9.0kW 3P EHS, Split, R32, Indoor wall unit

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Optimized seasonal efficiency

EHS Split provides efficient performance in all seasons. The heating capacity is optimized according to the actual operating temperature. This ensures excellent efficiency with eco-design.


EHS split is a versatile system with underfloor heating, hot water and radiator. Our hydraulic system is compatible with a wide range of additional products, such as thermostats, solar panels and spare boilers.

Environmentally friendly heating - does not affect the ozone layer

Environmentally friendly refrigerant R32

Reduce the impact of climate change with Samsung's EHS (Eco Heating System). R32 refrigerant has a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and a lower global warming potential (GWP) than conventional refrigerants. * It also reduces the amount of refrigerant required and CO2 emissions. **

* GWP class: R32 refrigerant = 675 compared to R410A refrigerant = 2088.

** Samsung EHS MONO, SPLIT (R32) requires only 83% refrigerant used in a standard heating system of the same capacity (R410A). Therefore, the EHS CO2 emission level is 560 (675 x 0.83), which is 73% less than in 2088 caused by a standard heating system.

Reduce energy consumption and save money

Various functions for energy saving

Save energy with advanced features. 2-zone control optimizes the temperature in two separate zones. The Photovoltaic Enabled function checks the status of the solar panels and reduces mains electricity consumption. Smart Grid Ready, on the other hand, helps you take advantage of economical and sustainable electricity.

Convenient and intuitive light operation

New wired remote control

Fast and intuitive monitoring of conditions at home. The new wired remote control has a large and bright color display, touch controls and a choice of languages. * It can be set where you want it and set a different temperature in each zone.

* Available languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish.

Easy remote control with a smartphone

Smart connectivity

Control your Samsung EHS on the go. Smart connectivity lets you turn it on / off from anywhere with the SmartThings app. * In addition, with the touch control, you can control mode and settings, schedule start / stop, monitor power consumption, adjust daylight saving time setting and detect errors.

* Available for iPhone and Android devices. Requires a Wi-Fi connection, a Samsung account, and an optional Wi-Fi kit (MIM-H04N).

A +++ energy efficiency provides even greater savings

Top class energy efficiency - SCOP A +++

Less worry about heating costs. All functions of the appliance ensure the energy efficiency of SCOP A +++. * Therefore, it works very efficiently, providing good heating performance with R32 refrigerant with high PdesignH (kW). **

* Based on EN14825 defined testing.

** PdesignH is more than 100% of the rated capacity, providing efficient heating performance at low temperatures. Based on -10 ° C standard (nominal: standard 7 ° C conditions).


Data sheet

Area of the room (up to), m2
Size, mm
Power kW
COP (nominal heating) (A7/W35)
EER (nominal cooling) (A7/W35)
Working temp. Range for heating
-25~35 ℃
Working temp. Range for cooling
-10~46 ℃
Noise level
40 dBA
Operating principle
Air - Water


EHS split data sheet

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