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Pellet boiler Kupper OK 15 2,0 NORMA with boiler bunker

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Pellet boiler Kupper OK 15 with boiler bunker, for heating rooms up to 150 m2. Burning time up to 5 days.

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Pellet boiler Kupper OK 15 2,0 Teplodar is suitable for heating residential, commercial and industrial premises with an area of up to 150 m². This is a completely redesigned and perfected heating device, which has nothing in common with the previous APG 25 model. All components in the control panel and burner are made in Europe and Japan.


The pellet boiler Kupper OK 15 2,0 is fully automatic, set the on and off temperature you need, and the boiler will ignite and go out on its own at the set temperature. For example, you set the minimum threshold to +19, and the maximum to +24 degrees: as soon as the room temperature drops to +19 degrees, the boiler will ignite by itself (a Japanese ceramic heating element is installed in the burner), and as soon as the room temperature rises to +24 degrees , will go out by itself, will go into standby mode - HUMAN PARTICIPATION IS NOT REQUIRED, excessive consumption of fuel and overheating of the room is excluded.

Burning on one bunker up to 5 days (in the off-season up to two times longer) - this means that you will come to the boiler ONCE IN FIVE DAYS. The package includes a boiler bunker, which is installed on the boiler itself and does not take up much space, the volume of the bunker is 0.35 m³ (210 kg).


The equipment is absolutely fireproof (if it is correctly installed and properly operated); if something goes wrong or fails, the boiler will go out and give an error on the control panel. If the light is turned off, the boiler will simply go out and, after the light is turned on, it will enter the same mode as it was before the shutdown.



The main type of fuel is good light pellets 6-8 mm: they have excellent heat transfer (2-2.5 times higher than firewood), it is convenient to store them (supplied in sealed 15 kg bags), minimal ash content (you will clean the boiler with ease once a week), affordable price (now there are a large number of pellet producers on the Baltic market).


At any time, in a few minutes, you can disconnect the pellet burner, install the supplied ash door in place and fire with wood, briquettes or coal, thereby turning it into an ordinary wood-burning solid fuel boiler.

To maintain the temperature, it is possible to connect a 6 kW heating element.

Electric power consumption of the pellet boiler Kupper OK 15 2,0:

At the moment of ignition in the region of 600 W (no more than 90 seconds)

At the time of operation of the pellet boiler in the region of 40 W

In standby mode, a few watts

Optional equipment

Room thermostat is a programmable room thermostat. With its help it is possible to set the boiler on / off based on the room temperature.

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