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Cost iron stove P10 6.8kW ECO

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Cast iron stove KAWMET P10 with excellent design and great price is used for space heating, as well as an interior item. Made of cast iron class EN-GJL-200 under pressure with smooth walls without pores and processing. The depth of the firebox for laying firewood is 25 cm, the maximum width of the firebox is 33 cm, the length of the firewood used is up to 33 cm.


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Cast iron stove KAWMET P10 favorably differs by more precise regulation of air supply through the lower part of the door under the grate. By opening it to the maximum, you supply the optimal amount of air to the wood for quick ignition.

Secondly, an adjustable air supply to the glass, supplying air to the inner side of the glass, thereby creating a directed flow that will prevent soot from settling, the glass will stay clean for much longer, so that you would enjoy the game of living tamed fire.

The outlet of flue gases can be either upward or moved to the rear wall of the stove, at the same time a flat heating surface of 45x33 cm is formed on top, and the chimneys can be hidden in the wall behind the stove.

Features of the P10 stove:

The firebox is made of high quality cast iron with a minimum wall thickness of 10 mm.

Thick decorative moldings increase the heat transfer area to the room.

Heat-resistant Robax glass, with very low thermal expansion, is able to withstand temperatures up to 800 ° C.

The deflector increases the thermal efficiency of the furnace by lengthening the path for the combustion products and increasing the heat removal area.

Additional heat-resistant plate that protects the back from burning out, 20 mm thick.

Regulation of air supply to the furnace.

Adjustable outside air supply to the glass prevents excessive soot deposition.

Chimney connection from above or from the back.

Ash box.

Modern design and European quality.

P10 6,8kW

Data sheet

Volume of the room (up to) m3
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Power kW
Screen dimensions, mm
Secondary combustion chamber
Outdoor air supply
Clean Glass System



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