Heating stove Batyr 150

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Stove for rooms up to 150 cubic meters with a hot surface for cooking


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The heating stove "BATYR" is intended for heating a country house, summer cottage.


The oven works with wood, coal * and briquettes.

* The use of coal as fuel is permissible only with a protection kit installed in the furnace firebox.


Small overall dimensions with high dynamics of room heating.


The oven has the ability to cook food on a cauldron with a volume of up to 12 liters.

The furnace can be operated in two modes:

Intensive mode for any type of combustion (closed firebox door, open air supply damper on the door in the open position, ash drawer slightly open) is intended for quick ignition of the stove, as well as for the possibility of cooking. The duration of the intensive mode should be no more than 10% of the total operating time of the furnace.

Long burning mode with upper burning (closed firebox door, tightly closed ash pan, air supply damper in closed position) for continuous heat maintenance in the room for up to 10 hours.

For the possibility of operation in the mode of long-term combustion in the furnace, a special channel is provided on the rear wall of the furnace with air supply to the upper combustion zone and a special removable baffle that forms a gas duct in the furnace furnace.

Dismantling the chipper allows you to install a cauldron with a volume of up to 12 liters on the stove - in this case, the cauldron will be warmed up to the maximum.


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Volume of the room (up to) m3
Fuel type
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Batyr manual

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