Heating stove Milna 100

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Heating heat storage furnace for rooms up to 100 m3


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Features and Benefits:

The Milna heating stove from Teplodar company stores inside a powerful supply of heat that will be used exclusively for a good deed - creating comfort in the house!

The main advantage of the stove is the ability to retain heat after burning fuel and give it away for 4 hours, heating the room. The heat from burning wood is accumulated by refractory bricks (not included), located in the side and top surfaces of the stove. As the heat-retaining material, any dense material of natural or artificial origin, for example, sauna stones, can be used. Convection channels are provided between the stove chamber and the tank of the heat-accumulating material, which allow heating the room air without waiting for the tank to completely warm up, as well as extend the life of the stove.

The sophisticated two-turn design of the steel stove will ensure efficient heating of the hob, as well as reduce the temperature of the flue gases. Under the upper tab, cleaning holes are provided for revision work if necessary.

Thanks to the laconic and modern appearance, the stove can easily fit into the interior of any home. The stove is equipped with a door with heat-resistant glass and a self-cooling handle.

Milna-100 is designed to heat a room with a volume of up to 100 m3.

A vertical chimney outlet is provided, the diameter of which is 115 mm.


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