Heating stove Meteor 150

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Wood-burning stove with built-in heat fun for rooms up to 150 cubic meters


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Features and benefits:

The heating stove of long burning the Meteor 150 is intended for rooms of volume from 80 to 150 m ³.

To solve the problem of fast and uniform heating of a cold room, you can install a heat gun. But for large rooms, a powerful electrical device is required that requires a special connection. The problem can be solved by installing "Meteor" - a wood stove with a built-in fan. (The fan is powered by electricity.)

"Meteor" can work in several modes:

• “Heat fun” mode with intensive heating for fast (15-20 min) heating of the room.

• Room heating mode in intensive mode without using a heat fun for cooking or heating the room in the warm season.

• Long burning mode with maximum heat removal using a heat fun.

• Mode of long burning with moderate heating (temperature maintenance).


Cooking stove with cast iron rings.

Slotted side convectors for the most efficient heating of air.

Door with heat-resistant glass to control the operation of the furnace.

Universal chimney outlet with the ability to output the chimney back and up with the help of the elbow.

Efficient multi-pass smoke exhaust system design.

Secondary air supply system.

Heat fun, with a powerful electric fan, forcing air into the heating channel.

ATTENTION! Chimney elements are not included in the stove kit and must be purchased separately.


Data sheet

Volume of the room (up to) m3
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm


Meteor manual

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