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Frontal protective screen 20

VAT included

Suitable for stoves: Siberia, Cascade, Siberian Cliff, Lagoon, Domna, Hotrock

Opening under the fuel channel, mm: 277х477



Protective shields for sauna stoves prevent the construction of flammable materials from igniting. Their use allows you to do without the use of brickwork when installing the stove.

The set of screens consists of three parts:

• Floor screen to protect the wooden floor.

• Side screen to protect the walls of the steam room.

• Front screen for safe passage through the wall between the steam room and the rest room.

Frontal screens are available in two types - for stoves with regular doors and for stoves with panoramic doors.

Teplodar screens are suitable for most stoves for saunas and baths of other manufacturers.

ATTENTION! Before commissioning, remove the protective film from the external surfaces of the screen.


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