Heating boiler Kupper OK 15 2,0

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Heating boiler for solid fuel for rooms up to 150 sq.m. The boiler is suitable for all types of heating systems.


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Features and benefits:

The universal boilers of the Kupper range are powerful single-loop heating equipment in a compact design. Due to its efficiency and reliability, the Kupper boilers have won the trust of the buyer and firmly hold leading positions in sales.

The heating boiler on solid fuel “KUPPER OK 15 2,0 ” is installed in various premises with an area of ​​up to 90 m². The boiler is built into all types of heating systems.

The boiler "KUPPER OK 15 2,0 " runs on solid fuel - wood and coal. Thanks to the versatile design of the KUPPER OK 15 2,0 , it is easy to transfer to work on gas or pellets using the Teplodar burners installed.

The “Kupper” boiler can be used both as the only source of heating on solid fuels and as a backup source of heat in areas of unstable gas supply.

The “Kupper” boiler complete with a capacitive hydraulic separator produced by “Teplodar” allows even on solid fuel to achieve controllability similar to the capabilities of heating systems based on gas boilers.

Excellent ratio of high power, stylish design, high quality and affordable prices make the Kupper boilers the best solution when choosing a heating device.

Features of the boiler "KUPPER OK 15 2,0 ":

The body is insulated with basalt cardboard and a decorative casing for additional security.

The gate chipper from cast iron allows to avoid spilling of the burning slag and coals.

Power adjustment from 30% to 100%.

Flame tomb stainless steel.

Connection pipes to the heating system are located on the left and right sides - for ease of installation and versatility of connection

ATTENTION! Chimney elements and draft regulator are not included and must be purchased separately.


Data sheet

Area of the room (up to), m2
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Volume of firebox, l
Total power of the TEH block
Yes, 6kw
Boiler steel


Kupper OK 2.0 manual

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