Heating boiler Kupper Expert 15 2,0

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Universal long burning heating boiler - 4 modes!


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Features and benefits:

"Kupper EXPERT-15" - a universal heating boiler for long burning!

The fuel can be used coal, firewood, fuel briquettes. The design of the boiler also provides the ability to install pellet or gas burners.

Burning time on one tab of coal - up to 24 hours! Such high rates have been achieved thanks to the upper combustion of the fuel in the boiler, developed heat exchanger and three-zone air supply.

"Kupper EXPERT-15" is designed for space heating up to 150 m2.

Fuel is loaded from above, through a convenient inclined door, and a universal removable stainless steel tray protects the door from overheating and reduces the risk of accidental spilling of fuel.

The water-filled bottom will provide additional heat removal and minimize surface heating under the boiler. On the upper surface of the boiler there is a fitting for the installation of the air vent.

The heating copper "Kupper EXPERT-15" can work in one of four modes:

1. “Fast warm-up” mode - in a short period of time - from 30 minutes - and with a minimum amount of fuel an optimum temperature is reached.

2. Mode "Classic" - high-quality heating of the room with the ability to adjust the intensity of combustion. The average duration of this mode is 4 hours.

3. Medium mode - increased duration of burning - up to 6 hours (depending on the type of fuel).

4. Mode "Maximum" - full loading of the fuel bunker. Duration of burning on one tab of coal - up to 24 hours!

The design of the boiler provides for connection to the heating system from either side. It is also possible to install a thrust regulator. The diameter of the chimney is 150 mm.

Boiler working pressure - up to 3 atm!

For ease of maintenance, the boiler has two hatches for cleaning. The upper cleaning hatch is equipped with a removable stainless steel screen that will protect the hatch from burning out.

The package includes a power supply unit, a thermomanometer, accessories for cleaning the boiler and a gate.

Warranty - 3 years!

ATTENTION! Chimney elements and thermostat are not included in the boiler kit and must be purchased separately.


Data sheet

Area of the room (up to), m2
Fuel type
Coal, Wood
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Volume of firebox, l
Total power of the TEH block
Yes, 6kw
Boiler steel
Power kW


Kupper Expert 2,0

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