Heating boiler Kupper PRO 22

VAT included

Heating boiler of long burning on solid fuel for rooms up to 220 m2. Work in the mode of long burning on wood - up to 4 hours, on coal - up to 8 hours.



Features and benefits:

Universal heating boilers long burning Kupper PRO 22 kW designed for operation in space heating systems up to 220 m². The built-in TEN on 6 kW is included in the basic package.

In the Kupper PRO boilers, the long burning mode has been successfully implemented when working on wood and coal. The duration of work on one tab of firewood can reach eight hours, and up to 10 hours on an angle. The ability to give off heat for such a long time has become possible due to the use of a secondary air supply system into the combustion chamber and the use of a water tube grate, which allows you to remove heat even from glowing coals.

In addition, the boilers have the option of installing a gas or pellet burner, which allows for almost complete automation of the heating process at home. In Kupper boilers, the PRO unit TEN, included in the basic package, is designed to maintain the temperature in the heating system when the main fuel burns out, which significantly reduces the likelihood of the system defrosting.

Features of the boiler for heating a private house, garage or giving "Kupper PRO 22":

The fitting for the installation of the air outlet.

The tube heat exchanger and the water grate provide maximum heat removal in the continuous burning mode.

Flame tomb stainless steel.

Water pipe grate provides additional heat removal from burning fuel.

Block TEN to maintain the temperature of the coolant after burning wood.

Deep and spacious firebox (400-600 mm).

Self-cooled combustion door eliminates the risk of accidental burns.

The gate chipper from cast iron allows to avoid spilling of the burning slag and coals.

When converting to gas or pellets, burner devices are located under the water tube grate. This allows you to increase the efficiency of the boiler as a whole, due to the successive passage of the flame and flue gases through the pipes of the grate and the heat exchanger.

ATTENTION! Chimney elements and thermostat are not included in the boiler kit and must be purchased separately.


Data sheet

Area of the room (up to), m2
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Volume of firebox, l
Total power of the TEH block
Yes, 6kw
Boiler steel


Kupper PRO manual

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