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Stone for sauna Talcochlorite 70-150mm crushed (20kg)

VAT included

Stone size from 70-150mm!


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Talcochlorite is a rock of metamorphic origin. It is used as a refractory material in furnaces with a temperature of 1200⁰С - 1600⁰С, significantly exceeding the maximum temperature in the heater. The mass fraction of talc is 40-50%, magnesite is 40-50%, impurities (chlorite, serpentine) are 5-8%.

Karelian Talcochlorite was formed under conditions of thermal loads and high pressure, so it withstands more than 500 fire-water cycles without cracking or breaking down. The accumulated heat gives off for a long time and evenly. Talkohlorite from Karelia is an environmentally friendly stone, it is used to make dishes for cooking and serving food. Karelian soapstone products retain both heat and cold well.

Studies have shown that the wavelengths of human thermal radiation and soapstone coincide, so the radiation from the stone seems velvety soft and relaxing. Also, the radiation of a heated stone stimulates the production of vitamin D in the human body, which is necessary to strengthen bone tissue and increase human immunity. Talcochlorite contributes to the treatment of colds of the upper respiratory tract.

Main physical characteristics:

Color gray, dark gray and light gray

Density 2980 kg/m3

Specific heat capacity 0.98 kJ/kg*⁰С

Compressive strength 25-105 MPa

Melting point over 1600⁰С

Talcochlorite 70-150mm

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