Sauna stove Bylina Grid 18 C Panorama (cast iron)

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Cast iron sauna stove for room from 10 to 18 cubic meters.


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Features and Benefits:

The stove for a sauna with a cast-iron fire chamber "Bylina Grid 18 C"

The appearance of the sauna stove with a cast-iron firebox "Bylina" is designed in the old Russian style. The design used corner heels with massive rivets, high-quality wide metal ribbons border a roomy heater, elements of artistic forging and even outlines of chain links are recognized in the convector's ornament.

Bylina is an honest stove! The thickness of the body of the cast-iron firebox is real 10 mm! That is why the mass of the furnace without stones is 97 kg.

We produce cast-iron furnaces for Bylina in our own foundry from gray cast iron in accordance with GOST 1412-85.

The classic external heater easily holds 60 kg of stones.

Deep firebox allows the use of firewood up to 430 mm long!

Another distinctive feature of the furnace, without a doubt, was the maximum possible heat transfer area due to the large number of convection fins of the cast iron firebox. And the round shape of the firebox itself is designed to heat the entire volume of the stone bookmark without stagnant "cold" zones. As a result, we have the most rigid and really durable furnace.

Heat the steam room quickly, soak in a heroic way!

The verified design of the furnace allows you to evenly warm up not only the steam room, but also the sink and the relaxation room. The Bylina furnace is designed for a steam room with a volume of up to 18 m3.

The diameter of the chimney is 115 mm. You can install any standard chimney elements on the stove.

Warranty period - 5 years!


Data sheet

Fuel type
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Cast iron 10mm
Mass of stones, kg
With glass door
The volume of sauna, m3
10 to 18


Bylina manual

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