Sauna stove Siberia 20 LRK 2.0

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The stove for a sauna is established in steam rooms from 10 to 20 m3. With water heat exchanger.


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Features and benefits:

The modification Siberia-20 LRK perfectly combines practicality with a beautiful appearance: the stove is equipped with a built-in register heat exchanger for remote heating of water and a large panoramic door of the fireplace type for contemplating the flame. It is intended for steam rooms from 10 to 20 m3.

A distinctive feature of Siberia stoves is the rapid heating of the steam room to high temperatures (up to 100–110 ° C) in 30 minutes.

Built-in heat exchanger to heat the water in the remote tank (LRK modifications).

The obvious convenience of remote water heating during long sauna procedures is the lack of a boiling tank in the steam room.

L - stove burning box is made of high-alloy steel with a chromium content of up to 13%. Thermally loaded elements of stoves for a sauna are made of steel with a chromium content of up to 17%. The casing-convector of the stove is painted with heat-resistant enamel.

R - stoves are equipped with a built-in register heat exchanger for connecting to a remote tank for remote heating of water.

K - stove cover-convector combined - it combines elements painted with heat-resistant enamel and elements made of mirror stainless steel.


Data sheet

Fuel type
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Stainless steel 2-2.5 mm AISI 439
Type of heater
Mass of stones, kg
Integrated heat exchanger
The volume of sauna, m3
10 to 20


Siberia 2.0

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