Sauna stove Sahara 16 LK 2,0 PROFI

VAT included

The stove for a sauna is suitable for steam rooms from 8 to 16 m3.


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Features and benefits:

"Sahara" is a super-fast powerful oven for those who like to experiment with different modes in the steam room:

• In the intensive burning mode, the stove can warm up the steam room to 110 ° C in 30–50 minutes. By putting water on hot stones, you can create in the steam room a very tough microclimate that will appeal to "seasoned steelworkers".

• With a moderate firebox, the stove is able to create in a steam microclimate, close in sensation to the Russian bath: temperature up to 90 ° C in combination with light steam from stones of two-section heater heated to 500 ° C.

Sahara sauna stove 16 LK is suitable for steam rooms of 8 to 16 m3 in size.

Sugar with steam generator is an ideal solution for steam room experiments. In addition to steam obtained from stones, steam can be removed from the walls of high-speed steam generators.


The body has no sharp corners and harmoniously fits into the interior of any bath.

The central location of the chimney - for ease of installation.

Warming up from 5 sides (stones up to 500 ° С).

The heater is equipped with openings for cleaning soot from the smoke box.

ATTENTION! Chimney elements and stones are not included in the stove kit and must be purchased separately.

L - Stove is made of high-alloy steel with a chromium content of up to 13%. Thermally loaded elements of stoves for a bath are made of steel with a chromium content of up to 17%. The casing-convector of the stove is painted with heat-resistant enamel.

K - stove cover-convector combined - it combines elements painted with heat-resistant enamel and elements made of mirror stainless steel.

PROFI - stove is made of 4 mm stainless steel with a chromium content of at least 17%.


Data sheet

Fuel type
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Stainless steel 2-2.5 mm AISI 439
Mass of stones, kg
The volume of sauna, m3
8 to 16

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