Cast iron stove for sauna Gefest GFS-ZK 40 (M) Uragan

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GFS-ЗК in a grid 40 Hurricane - an extended set of GFS-ЗК in a grid. The most approximate version of the stove for the Russian steam room modes, which has a heater directly closed by a cast-iron box, a steam door with a beech handle, a cast-iron starting pipe increased to 50 cm. The stove can be easily upgraded to a full-fledged stove for the Russian bath by replacing the steel mesh with a stone cladding without dismantling the chimney.


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Russian sauna

The GFS-3K stove with a unique direct heating stove for producing light, finely dispersed steam, necessary for the Russian sauns regime. Thanks to the innovative design, the oven is guaranteed to come on in 60 minutes.

Patented heater

The unique stove with a thickness of 45 mm provides unsurpassed reliability and high heat capacity, 120 heat-removing pins along its entire surface, allow the stove to heat up to 700 degrees in 60 minutes and retain heat for a long time.

Pyrolysis gas afterburner system

In the second chamber of the furnace, the pyrolysis gases are afterburned with the help of the air flow, thereby increasing the combustion temperature, which increases the efficiency of the furnace to 90 percent.

Convection ribs

Increases the heat transfer surface area by 110 percent, which ensures rapid heating of the steam room.

System "Clean glass"

Due to the directed convection of the air flow, the glass is cleaned, soot and soot does not settle on its surface, the glass remains completely clean and transparent for a long time.

Unique heat release pins

Pyramidal thorns located inside the firebox on the side walls contribute to the efficient burning of wood and increase the heat transfer area by 80%, which allows the stove to enter the mode more dynamically.

GFS-ЗК 40 (M) Ураган

Data sheet

Fuel type
Size, mm
700х560х1080 (grid)
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Cast iron
Mass of stones, kg
With glass door
The volume of sauna, m3
30 to 40

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