Sauna stove Vezuviy Legenda Kovka 12 (261)

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Legenda Kovka 12 (261) The stove for a sauna is established in steam rooms from 8 to 14 m3. Heated from the adjacent premises.


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The advantage of the furnace is that the furnace furnace consists of 3 elements. At the junction between them, a ceramic cord with a working temperature of 1200 degrees is used. That is, the furnace is absolutely airtight! To fix the parts between each other, a bolted connection is used, which gives a 100% guarantee of safety during operation.

The bath-iron cast-iron Vezuviy Legenda Kovka 12 (261) is equipped with a cast-iron tight door Vezuviy 261. The convection-ventilated casing "Kovka" is made of a metal textured strip painted with heat-resistant paint and coated with a bronze patina.

Ideal for a Finnish sauna (very dry sauna) with a temperature of 110-90 degrees. with a moisture content of 5-15% with a total burning time of 80 minutes.

And also for a Russian sauna, a wet sauna with a temperature of 70-90 degrees. and humidity 20-35% should be heated for 60 minutes.

For a classic Russian steam bath with a temperature of 45-65 and a humidity of 40-65%, it takes 50 minutes.

It is also suitable for a Turkish bath (steam bath) with a temperature of 40-45 degrees and almost 100 humidity, it will take only 40 minutes to warm up.

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Data sheet

Fuel type
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Cast iron
Type of heater
Mass of stones, kg
The volume of sauna, m3
8 to 14

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