Cast iron sauna stove set "Legend Russian Steam 18 (240)" Soapstone, S-40

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"Legend Russian Steam 18 (240)" Soapstone, S-40 The stove for a sauna is established in steam rooms from 12 to 22 m3. Heated from the adjacent premises.


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The set with a cast iron sauna stove Legend Russian Steam 18 (240) and soapstone lining includes:

- Ovens Vezuviy Legend Russian steam 18 (240) for cladding;

- Cladding Legend Russian steam 18 soapstone, S-40;

- Doors for cladding;

- Steam generator.

Cast iron stove Vezuviy Legend Russian Steam 18 (240) is designed for the production of finely divided steam, without which it is impossible to imagine a real Russian sauna. This healthy steam, which does not burn the airways, has a positive effect on the condition of the body as a whole and allows you to fully enjoy the bath procedures. Finely dispersed steam is possible due to the closed storage of stones in the Legend Russian Steam 18 (240).

This furnace model differs from its analogues in that the closed stone storage is located in the fire chamber. This allows you to quickly and well heat the stones inside the storage. Water is poured on the stones through a special pipe with openings, which instantly evaporates, turning into fine steam.

The set also includes a 40 mm thick soapstone cladding. The natural stone finish looks original and can significantly transform the interior of your sauna. In addition to its decorative function, soapstone accumulates heat, promotes its more even distribution in the room, and thanks to this natural stone, the temperature in the room does not drop for a long time. The natural stone finish is also durable, it will serve you for many years. Another advantage of this cladding is the ease of maintenance. You just have to wipe it with a sponge. Talcochlorite is an environmentally friendly material, it does not emit harmful substances when heated, it is completely safe for health.

In this set, steam can be obtained in two ways: water can be supplied to the closed stone storage through a special watering funnel, or water can be poured onto the stones through the included door.

Due to the high capacity of the oven and strong heating, a cast iron damper is recommended.


Data sheet

Fuel type
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Cast iron
Type of heater
Mass of stones, kg
80 (22)
With glass door
The volume of sauna, m3
12 to 22

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