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Sauna stove Hotrock grid 18L

VAT included

Sauna stove-mesh for steam rooms from 10 to 18 cubic meters. The volume of the open heater can hold up to 160 kg of stones.


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Features and benefits:

Stove "Hotrock grid" developed on the basis of the manufacturer’s own experience and, most importantly, taking into account the recommendations and wishes of many experts and connoisseurs of the Russian bath.

The stove Hotrock grid 18L is intended for steam rooms from 10 to 18 m3.

The design of the stove-heater is a vertical firebox made of heat-resistant stainless steel with a chromium content of at least 13% closed with a grid at the sides and a casing-convector at the front and rear, ensuring high dynamics of heating of the steam room.

The convector casing shields the hard infrared radiation emanating from the hot walls of the firebox, which creates “soft” heat in the steam room.

The spacious ventilated heater is a powerful steam generator. A large number of high-quality stones, ensures the stability of the temperature in the steam room.

The stove is equipped with a convenient ash box, which is also a regulator of the intensity of combustion.

The grate of cast iron, which is a structural element, provides uniform steady burning along the entire length of the stove.

The stove is equipped with a steel door with a self-cooling function.

On the furnace "Hotrock grid" of all modifications can be installed tank for heating water "samovarnogo" type or universal register-heat exchanger for remote heating of water, made of stainless steel. *


• The presence of an open heater and casing grid.

• 1.5 times increased the mass of stones for bookmarking (compared to the stove "Hotrock").

• Less hard infrared radiation.

• Convenient installation of the chimney.

* Tanks and registers purchased separately from the furnace.

ATTENTION! Chimney elements and stones are not included in the stove kit and must be purchased separately.

L - stove is made of high-alloy steel with a chromium content of up to 13%. Thermally loaded elements of stoves for a bath are made of steel with a chromium content of up to 17%. The casing-convector of the stove is painted with silicone heat-resistant enamel.


Data sheet

Stainless steel 2-2.5 mm AISI 439
Fuel type
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Type of heater
Mass of stones, kg
The volume of sauna, m3
10 to 18

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