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Sauna stove Cascade 18LP

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The stove for a sauna is established in steam rooms from 10 to 18 m3. Heated from the adjacent premises.


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Features and benefits:

The idea of ​​creating a stove-heater for a bath "Cascade" was suggested by nature itself - the stones in the inclined sauna heater are cascaded along the hottest elements of the stove, due to this the steam is amazingly light!

The modification Cascade 18LP is designed for steam rooms from 10 to 18 m³.

Stone place with a large surface is very convenient to use even in small steam rooms. In addition, such a heater gives a lot of soft heat from hot stones, which, in combination with the side heating surfaces, creates an absolutely amazing microclimate in the steam room.


Offset to the front wall of the stove chimney exit provides easy access to the stove, even if the water tank is installed at the chimney outlet.

Built-in steam generator - for a large number of high-quality steam, without waiting for the complete heating of the stones.

The stones in the inclined heater are securely fastened with metal bars-clamps.

ATTENTION! Chimney elements and stones are not included in the stove kit and must be purchased separately.

L - stove burning box is made of high-alloy steel with a chromium content of up to 13%. Thermally loaded elements of stoves for a sauna are made of steel with a chromium content of up to 17%. The casing-convector of the stove is painted with heat-resistant enamel.

P - stoves are equipped with a built-in steam generator (patent № 2352865) to obtain steam from the heated walls of the stove.


Data sheet

Fuel type
Length of wood, mm
Size, mm
Weight, kg
Chimney diameter, mm
Stainless steel 2-2.5 mm AISI 439
Type of heater
Mass of stones, kg

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