Heating boilers

In the assortment of the Teplodar plant there are 2 main models of boilers with a capacity from 10 to 42 kW: the universal Kupper and the budgetary Comfort.

The advantages of heating boilers Teplodar:

The high efficiency of the Kupper boilers is achieved through a pipe heat exchanger, which increases the heat removal surface by more than 60% with the same dimensions. The compact case is additionally insulated with mineral cardboard. The models of solid fuel boilers Kupper-OVK10 and Kupper-OVK18 are equipped with a cast-iron stove for heating food.

Universal heating boilers Kupper can work on all types of solid fuels. To convert boilers to gas or pellets to a boiler, a gas or pellet burner manufactured by Teplodar is installed. The unit of all heating elements is included in the basic package of all modifications of the Kupper to maintain the temperature of the coolant after the fuel burns out. The automatic combustion control can be installed on boilers with a capacity of 15 kW or more.

On the basis of universal boilers for the house "Kupper" you can build a modern heating system of any type: open or closed, with forced or natural circulation of the coolant. The water circuit can be connected both on the right and on the left side, which greatly simplifies the installation of the heating system.

The special feature of solid-fuel heating boilers "Comfort" is a spacious horizontal firebox designed for wood up to 50 cm in length. However, the boiler works well on other types of solid fuels. Another advantage is low price.

Heating boilers

Heating boilers


  • Solid fuel boilers
    <p>The company "Teplodar" produces and sells solid fuel boilers for heating homes and any other premises</p> <p>Solid fuel boilers operate on various types of fuel: coal, firewood, wood pellets. If necessary, the solid fuel boiler can be equipped with a gas burner</p> <p>Solid fuel boilers "Teplodar" are presented in the following range:</p> <p>"Kupper" - universal single-circuit boilers operating on various types of fuel (coal, firewood). They are used for space heating ranging from 80 to 300 sq.m. For all modifications of the Kupper boilers, both gas and pellet burners can be installed to automate the heating system. They can also be equipped with an automatic power control system by installing a combustion controller and control panels connected to the built-in heater unit. The range also has modifications for rooms up to 100 and 180 sq. M, which have a cast-iron cooking surface.</p> <p>"Kupper PRO" - universal single-circuit boilers with increased burning time on one tab of firewood up to 8 hours of continuous operation. Increased operating time is achieved due to the water grate grate, as well as the inflow of air to the combustion torch through an additional sash. Like the Kupper boilers, they can be additionally equipped with a combustion controller, as well as a control panel for the heating element block. For all modifications of the Kupper PRO boilers, a branded gas burner can be installed, the installation of which does not require fitting and welding work. Automation of the heating system using a pellet burner is possible for the Kupper PRO 22 boiler.</p> <p>“Comfort” is a budget type of single-circuit boilers for heating small rooms up to 100 sq. M. It can be used as a backup heating boiler. If necessary, you can additionally install a gas or pellet burner.</p> <p>When designing heating systems in a country house, it is necessary to consider a number of parameters:</p> <p></p> <p>&gt; the area of ​​the heated room,</p> <p>&gt; type of fuel</p> <p>&gt; additional heat consumers in the heating system,</p> <p>&gt; quality home insulation,</p> <p>&gt; the possibility of battery life and use as a backup heat source,</p> <p>&gt; the required duration of work on one tab of fuel.</p> <p>The calculation of the heating system design, the most important node in which the boiler is, and therefore the selection of boiler capacity, must be made by employees from a specialized boiler plant company.</p>
  • Heating boilers with...
    <p>Teplodar pellet boilers are suitable for heating residential, commercial and industrial premises with an area of up to 420 m². All control panel and burner components are manufactured in Europe and Japan.</p> <p>Our boilers are universal - they worke on pellets, firewood and coal.</p> <p>Pellet boilers are fully automatic, set the required on and off temperature, and the boiler itself will ignite and go out at the set temperature. HUMAN PARTICIPATION IS NOT NECESSARY</p> <p>Burning with one bunker for up to 5 days (up to twice as long in the off-season) - this means that you will be at the boiler once every five days.</p> <p>Boilers can be equipped with two types of bunkers:</p> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><img src="https://teplodar.eu/img/cms/teplodar/bunkk.jpg" alt="bunkk.jpg" /></td> <td style="text-align:center;">Boiler hopper with screw, which is installed on the boiler itself and does not take up much space, the volume of the hopper is 0.35 m³ (210 kg)</td> </tr> <tr> <td><img src="https://teplodar.eu/img/cms/teplodar/bun-1.jpg" alt="bun-1.jpg" /></td> <td style="text-align:center;"> <p>Floor hopper with auger, which can be installed on both the right and left side, the tank volume is 0.35 m³ (210 kg), it is also possible to increase the tank by 0.2 m³ (130 kg)) with an additional element (sold separately).</p> <p><img src="https://teplodar.eu/img/cms/teplodar/Screenshot_1.jpg" alt="" width="248" height="229" /></p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p></p> <p>Boilers have a choice of one of the control panels:</p> <p></p> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><img src="https://teplodar.eu/img/cms/teplodar/comfort.jpg" alt="" width="277" height="237" /></td> <td> <p style="text-align:center;">COMFORT</p> <p>• temperature control:</p> <p>- coolant temperature control</p> <p>- outdoor temperature control</p> <p>- burner temperature control</p> <p>• Two supply temperature control modes</p> <p>• Room temperature control mode (optional</p> <p>accessory)</p> <p>• Hot water boiler control</p> <p>• "winter / summer" mode</p> <p>• Operating modes according to the set schedule</p> <p>• Ignition with ceramic heater (TEN) made in Japan</p> <p></p> <p></p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td><img src="https://teplodar.eu/img/cms/teplodar/norma1.jpg" alt="" width="280" height="246" /></td> <td> <p style="text-align:center;">NORMA</p> <p>• temperature control:</p> <p>- coolant temperature control</p> <p>- outdoor temperature control</p> <p>- burner temperature control</p> <p>• Room temperature control mode (optional</p> <p>accessory)</p> <p>• Ignition with ceramic heater (TEN) made in Japan</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p></p>
  • Accumulation tanks
    <p>When selecting a heating boiler for solid fuel, it is worth remembering that a modern heating system assembled by a beam scheme with collector control and distribution units is most often assembled from plastic pipes, and they are very sensitive to overheating of the heat carrier and do not withstand water hammer heat carrier in the boiler. Therefore, to balance the low-volume heating system and the solid fuel boiler, a node balancing the system is necessary.</p> <p>Best of all, this task is solved by a accumulation tanks - a special container of a certain volume through which the coolant circulates from the boiler and the coolant from the heating system.</p> <p>Accumulation tanks is selected at the rate of at least 10 liters of capacity per 1 kW of boiler power.</p> <p>Accumulation tanks makes it possible to coordinate a multi-circuit heating system, including radiators, underfloor heating and a boiler for the production of hot water.</p>

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